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First Impressions Matter

Did you realize that the typical web site visitor will decide if your site is worth further exploration in less than 10 seconds? While this evaluation may seem a bit harsh, the fact of the matter is the way your company, its products and services are perceived will be based mainly on the design of your web site. This first impression will determine whether you convert this visitor into a customer or if they leave your site for a competitor.

Triumph Over Web Site Clutter

If your web site currently suffers from lack of organization, poor navigational elements or clutter, you are no doubt losing business to your competitors. Initiating a strategy to liberate your web site from hasty planning and poor layout to one that is professionally designed, goal-oriented, organized and easy to navigate has benefits that you can take to the bank.  Start attracting new business prospects. Increase business from existing customers. Outpace your competition.

Why Blue Dog Web Design?

Simply put, we know small business. We are friendly, professional, experienced and eager to create a Custom Designed Web Site that clearly identifies your company’s products/services and makes it easy for visitors to navigate when visiting your site.  Please check our Gallery for a closer look at our work in action, or read more About Us.

Plus, each web site designed by Blue Dog includes our 4 Key Elements for Web Site Success:

  • A clutter-free and intuitive interface
  • Easy to follow navigation
  • Clear and logical content presentation
  • Cross-browser compatibility to ensure audience appeal

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