Who is Blue Dog?

Blue Dog was named in honor of our family pet, Bailey, along with my favorite color – guess? Blue!  She is a Border-Collie mix and has been a member of our family for over 10 years. At the company’s inception, I did an ink drawing of Bailey and the name “blue dog” just stuck.  And that is how Blue Dog Web Design was born.

About Bailey

baileyBailey has been helping around the Home Office since her small beginnings as a very energetic pup. Although being 11 has calmed her puppy instincts down quite a bit, we still fondly reflect on all the “trouble” she has gotten herself into over the years. There have been numerous overturned trash cans and all-night solo excursions. More recently, a run-in with another black and white animal which has quite a pungent odor kept things pretty lively!

Bailey’s average day begins with a daily walk after the schoolbus leaves. This is time her for exploration and discovery of new things. Some of her greatest finds have been a leftover bagel sandwich someone discarded on the side of the road and even a part of a French bread loaf! Other souvenirs she has come home with include a “tree cookie”, a rabbit’s foot and even a mouth full of feathers when she had a short encounter with a hen. (I had to intervene on the last one!)  For Bailey, a long nap/rest-time begins in the office where she is a quiet companion during our workday. We hope you enjoy seeing or reading about some of her latest news as time goes on.

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